The transport processes in the mixing of either two gases or two miscible liquids in a T-junction are investigated numerically. Both laminar and turbulent flow fields are considered. The 3-D time-dependent flow fields are calculated for the T-junction (of two circular cross-section pipes that meet orthogonally at the junction). For turbulent flow regimes, the large eddy simulation (LES) technique is employed. In the 3-D mathematical model, the transport of species is described by the species conservation equations. The results obtained by the numerical simulations are verified with available experimental data in the literature for methane-air mixing in a T-junction. The effect of variation of the value of turbulent Schmidt number is investigated. Temporal concentration fluctuations are calculated and are compared to the spatial fluctuations. The mixing of two miscible liquids (water and peracetic acid-water mixture) are also investigated for the laminar and turbulent flow fields (using the LES technique). The mixing behavior of two gases and two miscible liquids in a T-junction are compared and contrasted for both laminar and turbulent flows.

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