In the present research, an advanced methodology for the multi-scale analysis of composite structures is proposed. It is based on the Carrera Unified Formulation (CUF), according to which any theory of structures, either 2D plate/shell or 1D beam, can be expressed as a degenerate case of Elasticity by using generalized expansions of the fundamental unknown fields. By using an extensive index notation, CUF allows the governing equations of the problem under consideration, and eventually the related finite element arrays, to be stated in terms of fundamental nuclei, which are invariant of the theory approximation order and the analysis scale. In this manner, micro-, meso-, and macro-scale models of composite structures can be formulated with ease and in a unified way, without the need of changing the model paradigms from one scale to the other. The capability of the proposed methodology based on CUF is assessed and the results demonstrate the validity of the approach, whose mathematical formalism is scale-independent, but allows for the simultaneous analysis of composites from global to very local scales in an accurate manner.

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