This paper performs a numerical study of forced convection heat transfer in a square enclosure with four identical stationary cylinders with single inlet and outlet ports. The ratio of the diameter of the cylinder to the length of the enclosure is kept constant at 0.1 with a fixed spacing between the cylinders. The enclosure walls are adiabatic while the cylinders are maintained at a constant temperature. The governing equations are solved for laminar, steady state and incompressible flow for different fluids namely air, water, and ethylene glycol. The study aims to determine the effect of varying Reynolds number (5 ≤ Re ≤ 100) and fluid properties (0.7 ≤ Pr < 200) on heat transfer rate and flow characteristics. The results of the study are presented in terms of streamlines, isotherm contours, and surface-averaged Nusselt numbers. The 2-D modeling and simulation have been conducted using ANSYS 16.0.

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