Turning operation is one of the most commonly used machining processes. However, turning of high strength materials involves high heat generation which, in turn, results in undesirable characteristics such as increased tool wear, irregular chip formation, minor variations in physical properties etc. In order to overcome these, synthetic coolants are used and supplied in excess quantities (flood type). The handling and disposal of excess coolants are tedious and relatively expensive. In this proposed work, Water Soluble Cutting Oil suspended with nanoparticles (Graphene) is used in comparatively less quantities using Minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) method to improve the quality of machining. The testing was done on Turning operation of Monel K500 considering the various parameters such as the cutting speed, feed and depth of cut for obtaining a surface roughness of 0.462μm and cutting tool temperature of 55°C for MQL-GO (Graphene oxide) process.

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