Basalt fiber/polymer composites have extensive applications in automotive, aerospace, defense, and sports goods. Addition of ash fillers has enhanced the properties of the composite material. Two types of bio-ash fillers namely, rice husk ash (RHA) and coconut fiber ash (CFA) particles were used. Ashes obtained from rice husk and coconut fiber are a good source of silica which when heated at higher temperature make them good fillers. Hand lay-up technique was used to fabricate composites in rectangular column shapes.

Characterization study of ash particles incorporated polymer composites were made by subjecting it to X-ray diffraction (XRD) measurement. The presence of filler particles reduces the voids ratio and enhances the strength of the composites. The load vs. displacement relations of the composite specimens were obtained from low velocity compression tests. Crashworthiness parameters like maximum force, average force and energy absorption were derived from the compression test results. Properties of plain basalt fiber composites were compared with that of BFRP/Epoxy composites with RHA and CFA fillers incorporated composites. The conclusion drawn from the test results was that the addition of ash filler particles in the composite have an improvement in crashworthiness of BFRP/Epoxy composite.

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