During the last decade, many pipeline companies have been investing time and financial resources in new technologies. There has been a special focus on: a) natural aging of facilities; b) problems with operational procedures; c) more demanding environment legislation; and, d) saving resources through pipeline rehabilitation. In Brazil, most of the Petrobras pipeline network, was constructed twenty or more years ago, and problems caused by aging are now becoming reality. In 1997, the monopoly that Petrobas enjoyed was ended. As a consequence, the enlargement, modernization and operational reliability enhancement of the pipeline network is quite important to ensure that Petrobras products remain highly competitive.

This paper will present the Pipeline Technological Program of Petrobras - PRODUT, and the Brazilian Network of Pipeline Technology (RBTD - Rede Brasileira de Tecnologia de Dutos). Both programs will be responsible for adapting and developing new technologies for pipelines to successfully meet new challenges and to profit from opportunities in the Brazilian strategic scenario.

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