Thin layer ZnTe-CdSe heterojunctions were produced by vapor phase epitaxial growth of ZnTe and CdSe layers on mica and single-crystal ZnSe substrates. These heterojunctions photosensitivity covers the wavelength region of 0.56–0.85 μm. The shape of photosensitivity spectral dependence of ZnTe-CdSe heterojunction depends on the components thickness and their doping level. Thin layer ZnTe-CdSe epitaxial heterojunction parameters under illumination of 80 mW/cm2 (AM1.5) are: FF=0.53, Uoc=0.72V, Isc=14.8 mA/cm2, efficiency η=7.1%. Thin film polycrystalline ZnTe-CdSe heterojunctions having the efficiency η=4.3%, Uoc=0.54 V, Isc=10.6 mA/cm2 were fabricated by using As or Cu doped ZnTe layers and In doped CdSe layers produced by HWT.

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