Wave soldering process with a simple model has been studied numerically. Wave soldering process is one of major soldering process used in the manufacture of electronics. The purpose of this study is to clarify how a lifting velocity and an arrangement of parts affect the solder volume on the joint after wave soldering process. Open source computational fluid dynamics software, OpenFOAM, is used. Solder is assumed to be kept at the constant temperature over the melting point. Flow of melting solder and surrounding air is simulated and the dynamic movement of the interface between two fluids is captured using VOF method. Two dimensional arrangements of the parts were adopted. The dynamic movement of the solder surface is visualized from numerical results. The size of a rear land affects the solder volume on the front parts. It is confirmed that the changes of the volume is closely related to the solder surface configuration at the moment of the detachment from the solder bath.

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