We present the characterization of a compact, high performance air-cooled heat sink with an integrated loop heat pipe. In this configuration, heat enters the heat sink at the evaporator base and is transferred within the heat pipe by the latent heat of vaporization of a working fluid. From the condensers, the heat is transferred to the ambient air by an integrated fan. Multiple condensers are used to increase the surface area available for air-cooling, and to ensure the equal and optimal operation of the individual condensers, an additional wick is incorporated into the condensers. We demonstrated with this design (10.2 cm × 10.2 cm × 9 cm), a total thermal resistance of less than 0.1 °C/W while dissipating a heat load of 500 W from a source at 75 °C. Furthermore, constant thermal resistance was observed in the upright as well as sideways orientations. This prototype is a proof-of-concept demonstration of a high performance and efficient air-cooled heat sink design that can be readily integrated for various electronics packaging and data center applications.

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