Thermal performance for embedded two phase cooling using dielectric coolant (R1234ze) is evaluated on a ∼20 mm × 20 mm large die. The test vehicles incorporate radial expanding channels with embedded pin fields suitable for through-silicon-via (TSV) interconnects of multi-die stacks. Power generating features mimicking those anticipated in future generations of processor chips with 8 cores are included. Initial results show that for the types of power maps anticipated, critical heat fluxes in “core” areas of at least 350 W/cm2 with at least 20 W/cm2 “background” heating in rest of the chip area can be achieved with less than 30 °C temperature rise over the inlet coolant temperature. These heat fluxes are significantly higher than those seen for relatively long parallel channel devices of similar base channel dimensions. Experimental results of flow rate, pressure drop, “device,” and coolant temperature are also provided for these test vehicles along with details of the test facility developed to properly characterize the test vehicles.

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