In this current investigation a modified model of Pennes Bioheat equation i.e. the thermal wave model of bioheat transfer (TWMBT) is applied for the heat transfer processes underlying the laser tissue interaction to investigate the thermal damage of biological tissues.

For analysing the thermal effect, a two dimensional domain is taken with three layers (simulating human skin) of different thermal properties with inhomogeneity in the middle layer. The inhomogeneity considered in this problem simulates the presence of tumor inside tissue medium. The finite volume method (FVM) is used for discretization. The central difference scheme is adapted for discretizing the spatial term. The incident collimated beam on the top layer is provided to destroy the unwanted tumor cell represented by inhomogeneity in the middle layer. Subsequent to the discretization of governing equation of hyperbolic nature, implicit scheme has been employed to obtain the solution and its stability has been assessed. As per the findings, the hyperbolic thermal wave model is more appropriate than the Pennes model of bioheat transfer for laser-tissue treatment.

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