2D nanomaterials have been attracting extensive research interests due to their superior properties and the accurate thermophysical characterization of 2D materials is very important for nanoscience and nanotechnology. Recently, a noncontact technique based on the temperature dependent Raman band shifts has been used to measure the thermal conductivity of 2D materials. However, the heat flux, i.e. the absorbed laser power, was either theoretically estimated or measured by a laser power meter with uncertainty, resulting in large errors in thermal conductivity determination. This paper presents a transient “laser flash Raman spectroscopy” method for measuring the thermal diffusivity of 2D nanomaterials in both the suspended and supported forms without knowing laser absorption. Square pulsed laser instead of continuous laser is used to heat the sample and the laser absorption can be eliminated by comparing the measured temperature rises for different laser heating time and laser spot radii. This method is sensitive for characterizing typical 2D materials and useful for nanoscale heat transfer research.

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