This paper investigates the distributions of grinding force, power consumption and heat flux along the tooth profile in precision form grinding of gears. A semi-analytical grinding force model has been established considering the static and dynamic chip formation forces and also the sliding force. Variation of the local contact conditions between the wheel and gear flank along the gear tooth profile, including the local depth of cut, local wheel diameter, local wheel speed and also the equivalent wheel diameter has been analyzed. Combining the variation of local contact conditions with the semi-analytical grinding force model, the grinding force and power distributions along the gear tooth profile have been derived. The predicted values of grinding power under different wheel speeds, worktable speeds, radial grinding depths and different contact widths are compared with those experimentally obtained and the results show a reasonable agreement. The predicted grinding forces at different rolling angle positions under different grinding parameters show a good agreement when compared with those experimentally obtained. The heat flux distribution along the interface between the form grinding wheel and the gear flank in form gear grinding has been further calculated.

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