In recent years wind turbine down-regulation has been used or investigated for a variety of applications such as wind farm power optimisation, energy production curtailment and lifetime management. This study presents results from measurement data of tower loads and power obtained from two turbines located in the German offshore wind farm alpha ventus. The free streaming turbine, located closely to a fully equipped meteorological mast, was down-regulated to 50% for a period of 8 months, while the downwind turbine was operating normally. The results are compared to periods where both turbines were operated in normal conditions. Changes in loads and power are analysed according to incoming wind direction and magnitude. Results show a high reduction in the loads of the down regulated turbine, up to a level of 40%. For the turbine in wake the effects in loads are more prominent, showing a maximum reduction of 30%, compared to the effects in power and are seen in a wider sector of about 20° for loads and 10° for power.

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