The project to create the fishing ground in the open ocean by rising Deep Ocean Water (DOW) and discharging it in the euphotic layer where photosynthesis can be done by DOW’s rich nutrient salt has been carried out since April 2000, sponsored by Japanese Government Fisheries Agency and Marino-Forum 21. The name of this machine is called Ocean Nutrient Enhancer (ONE for short). As the output of the first year research which includes tank tests, computer simulations and feasibility studies, following outline of the ONE’ concept is proposed. • Rising DOW of 500m depth and 500,000m3/day with the special impeller which makes density current in the euphotic region. • Power for driving the impeller is supplied by OTEC (Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion) engine using a cold characteristics of DOW. • Adopting the configuration of submerged spar type as a floating construction to work safely and continuously against the rough sea. • Upending of the riser pipe is considered for the reliable and cost-effective setting up operation. From the above research, the ONE’s effectiveness is confirmed significantly.

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