A three-dimensional numerical model is presented to predict the interactions of multidirectional random surface waves with one or more rectangular submarine pits. The water depth in the fluid region exterior to the pits is taken to be uniform. The three-dimensional Green function in the boundary integral equation, obtained by Green’s second identity, has been used for the solution of the velocity potential and its derivative in fluid interface between regions, and also a form of the Fourier expansion is utilized for the solution of the velocity potential in the interior region. The incident wave conditions are specified using a discrete form of the Mitsuyasu directional spectrum. The present method is based on the cumulative superposition of linear diffraction solutions obtained by a three-dimensional boundary integral approach. The results of the present model have been compared with those of previous theoretical studies for both regular and random wave diffraction by single or multiple pits. Reasonable agreement was consistently obtained in all cases. In accordance with good agreement from these comparisons, it is concluded that the present numerical model may accurately be utilized to predict the three-dimensional wave field around multiple submarine pits or navigation channels in many practical applications.

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