Extensive studies to develop high strength linepipes with higher deformability have been conducted. One of the key technologies for improving deformability is dual-phase microstructural control. Steel plate with ferrite-bainite microstructure can be obtained by applying Thermo-mechanical controlled processing, TMCP, made up with controlled rolling and accelerated cooling process. Low carbon-boron free steels were used to enable the ferrite formation during cooling after controlled rolling, and the accelerated cooling process with ultimate cooling rate enabled to achieve high strength of up to X120 grade. On-line heating process by induction device was also applied subsequently after accelerated cooling in order to improve Charpy energy of the base material and homogeneity of material properties in the plate. Trial production of X120 high deformability linepipe was also conducted by applying dual-phase microstructural control. Microstructural and mechanical properties of X120 linepipe are introduced in this paper.

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