FDPSO is a multifunction floating platform, capable of drilling, production, storage and offloading. Sheltered Riser Vessel (SRV) serves as an independent buoyant hull to provide riser tensions, which is situated in the moon pool of FDPSO. Due to the shielding effect of moon pool, the motion of SRV is very small, so as to meet the requirement of drilling. In order to validate the basic FDPSO and SRV concepts, a model test was conducted in the basin of Ocean Engineering in the State Key Lab of Ocean Engineering in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. The storm tests were carried out in wave extremes of West Africa and white noise wave environments. Potential theory was adopted to calculate the motion performance of FDPSO system. Frequency domain analysis of the motion response amplitude operator (RAO) and time domain analysis in the extreme sea condition are both conducted. The comparison between the numerical simulation and model test results shows that the results of RAO and statistical value of response time series in the extreme sea condition are coincident. It is indicate that the method is credible and the concepts of FDPSO and SRV are likely to be feasible in West Africa.

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