Model tests of an internal turret moored deepwater FPSO will be conducted in the deepwater offshore basin recently completed in Harbin Engineering University. Considering the limitations of the basin facilities and to reduce the complexity of fixing risers on the basin bottom, the 13 risers are simplified and combined to 4 risers. In addition, the horizontal dimension of the basin is not able to accommodate mooring system at the test model scale. Therefore, certain mooring lines have to be truncated. Two truncation methods are proposed according to the similitude of static characteristics of the mooring system. The first method only truncates the portion of the line that lies on the seabed and the second method truncates the suspended line portion. Numerical simulations have been carried out in the time domain with mooring lines coupled with FPSO. The calculated results are found to agree well with those of the prototype mooring system. Both truncation methods are found to be robust and reliable which provide a valuable reference for the forthcoming model tests.

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