In this paper, Living Quarter (LQ) structural design and verification is carried out for Floating Production Unit (FPU). There is much requirement at LQ area such as ceiling height, escape route and outfitting line for human living and operation, so it is quite difficult to get an optimum structural design. Generally, for the LQ design, the following requirement should be considered.

- Company Specification Requirement

- Class Requirement

- Means of escape and access to lifeboats

- Material Handling

- Outfitting routing space such as Duct, piping, MCT (Multi Cable Transit) and Cable tray etc

- Structural fire protection

- Structural Weight and VCG for FPU stability

- Structural safety – Main Structure, Helideck and Platform

- Temporary living quarters

To meet structural safety criteria under above requirements, global LQ structural analysis and local hole penetration evaluation such as door opening, duct, piping, cable tray and etc is performed. From the analysis results, structural reinforcement is applied at some area and outfitting design and routing is often changed at other areas. To get the final design, this kind of design spiral is repeated. So, close clash checks between structure, outfitting and HES department are essential for LQ design and evaluation.

This paper explains how to proceed the LQ design at Shipyard and be a good example.

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