The aim of the present work is to analyze numerically the progressive collapse behavior of stiffened plates subjected to extreme and/or cyclic loads. In this paper, a series of elasto-plastic large deflection analyses is performed on stiffened plates subjected to cyclic uniaxial in-plane loading by non-linear Finite Element Method. The target stiffened plates with two different dimensions are analyzed by two kinds of models. In the analyses, forced displacements are applied, and all the cyclic loading starts from compression to clarify the effect of cyclic loading on the buckling/plastic collapse behavior of stiffened plates. There are totally 28 model cases under discussion to investigate the behavior of a stiffened plate under cyclic loadings. From the numerical simulation, some of the behavior of stiffened plates, such as axial rigidity, ultimate compressive strength and the hysteresis mean stress vs. mean strain curve can be found out and the primary conclusions are drawn.

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