As part of its regulatory duties the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA) periodically undertakes audits of the Structural Integrity Management (SIM) functions of the operators of facilities within the Norwegian offshore jurisdiction; typically one or two audits of reasonable detail are undertaken each year, but in addition PSA have also tried a series of mini-audits based purely on interviews without examination of evidence.

In many cases certain aspects of the SIM cause the auditors some concern and there is a degree of consistency about those aspects of SIM causing such concern, and on occasion become formal “findings” of the audits. In general the actual execution of SIM activities are performed adequately, but the full understanding of the purpose of SIM and realistic intent and expectation are missing. A particular concern of the auditors is the anticipation of structural form-specific accidental and abnormal events and their incorporation into the SIM.

This paper will provide a summary of the more important lessons learnt over several years of auditing, in an attempt to provide industry with a better understanding of the regulator’s expectations of SIM, particularly for installations that are ageing or have unique features.

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