Presence of the perforated outer cover on the existing column members of offshore platforms reduces the direct wave impact on these members. Such applications are common in the coastal structures where perforated covers are provided on the seaside to dissipate the wave energy and to reduce the pressure on the members. Detailed studies on the variations of the hydrodynamic characteristics on the inner cylinder, encompassed by a perforated outer cover are scarce in the literature. Present study is focused the development of numerical model to investigate the variations in the water particle kinematics on the inner cylinder encompassed by perforated outer cover. Hydrodynamic characteristics are examined along the water depth through computation fluid dynamics (CFD) for perforation ratios (p%) varying in the range of 10 to 15%. Velocity profiles for different wave steepness are developed along with the design charts for the chosen perforation ratios. These design charts can be readily used for estimating the water particle kinematics for perforated members along the water depth.

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