Wave-current interaction effects may significantly influence the mean wave drift forces on a structure as well as the motion responses and wave elevation around the structure. Additionally, the drift force may be used to estimate the wave drift damping of a moored structure.

A new numerical potential theory code for industry applications (MULDIF) has been recently developed, where the hydrodynamic interaction between waves and current of arbitrary direction with large volume structures is consistently included. The code also handles multiple bodies and finite water depth including wave-current interaction effects. The aim has been to create a robust and easy-to-use practical tool.

Initial validation studies against model tests have been conducted. The numerical results show a strong heave-pitch coupling due to the presence of the current. Preliminary results for a semi-submersible show good agreement for the motions provided that the mooring used in the model tests are accounted for. The free surface elevation around the semi-submersible is presented in contour plots.

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