Evaluation of added resistance in short waves is critical to the assessment of the global performance of a ship traveling in a seaway. In this paper, three methods of added resistance evaluation in short waves are briefly reviewed, including those proposed by Fujii & Takahashi [1], Faltinsen et al. [2], and Kuroda et al. [3]. Based on the experimental data collected by Kuroda et al., a new method is developed for the estimation of added resistance in short waves. The proposed method is validated by comparing the obtained numerical results with experimental data and other numerical solutions for different types of hulls, including the Wigley hull I, KVLCC2 hull, Series 60 hull with CB = 0.7, and the S-175 hull. The present study confirms that the developed method can well predict the added resistance in short waves and complement the three-dimensional Rankine panel method developed in a previous study focusing on intermediate and long waves.

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