The membrane-type tank is widely used in LNG storage devices, which include FLNG, FSRU, LNGC, and so on, and sloshing is an internationally important research focus. The run-up along the side wall of the tank and impact will be produced. Many researchers have proposed a variety of suppressing measures to ensure the safety of the tank. Based on the principle of wave eliminating, a new idea is put forward in the vicinity of the liquid surface mounting the floating plate and the original free surface is divided into three sub-surfaces. In the present paper, we make a series of model experiments on the Six-DOF motion platform through changing the frequency of the excitation. As a result, the sloshing mode is separated into the U-tube mode, the separated-tank mode and the diffraction mode. The experiments indicate that the range of the amplitude as for the slamming pressure is much smaller than without the floating plate.

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