In order to fully exploit the potential of FPSOs in the development of offshore oil field, a new concept of sandglass-type FPSO has been put forward recently. In this paper, a novel approach is proposed for designing the main dimensions of the new sandglass-type floating body. With the application of the strip method, the wave-free frequency in heave motion is intensively investigated. The resulting expression shows that the wave-free frequency has close connection with the water-plane area and the corresponding added mass. Then a uniform approximation of the relationship between the added mass and the main dimensions of structure below the waterline is discussed. By comparing with the numerical results of minimum heave RAO of heave motion, the validity and rationality of the proposed method are verified. Besides, experiments are carried out for the sandglass-type floating model and the results support the numerical results and the proposed method. Finally, combining with other requirements in the configuration of the structure above the waterline for the operation at sea, the design scheme for the main dimensions of the sandglass-type FPSO is established.

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