In this paper two different approaches to calculate the wave impacts on a monopile are introduced and compared to model test results. Within the scope of the WiFi JIP (Joint Industry Project Wave Impacts on Fixed turbines) model tests at MARIN (Maritime Research Institute Netherlands) and at Deltares were conducted to investigate the effects of steep (and breaking) waves on the support structure of bottom fixed offshore wind turbines. Three different ways to generate breaking waves were used. At MARIN focused waves were generated to obtain breaking wave events. Two different methods to calculate slamming loads on monopiles are compared to the wave impacts measured. The results are analyzed in time history and load maxima plots. In addition the obtained curling factors of the focused waves are compared to irregular sea states recorded on a flat seabed and a sandwave. A good representation of the loads calculated by Wienke’s approach was observed for all waves investigated. However, to estimate the kinematics of focused breaking wave events more accurate methods than stream function are needed.

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