In this study, for the stiffened panels subjected to the in-plane cyclic compression loads, the two followings are clarified. One is a generating process of the cumulative buckling deformation at panel parts of stiffened panels. The other is the effect of the cumulative buckling deformation on the ultimate strength of stiffened panels. To clarify them, the cyclic compression loading experiments were carried out with two stiffened panel specimens by using Multi Axis Loading System in National Maritime Research Institute (NMRI) in Japan. For one stiffened panel specimen, the thirty-one sets of compression test cases were conducted with different strokes and for each case. The number of cycles in each set was 100. While, for the other, it was subjected to the cyclic compression loads until it collapsed. In addition, Finite Element Method (FEM) analyses for stiffened panels subjected cyclic compression loads are carried out with the same condition as the experiments by using commercial FEM software, LS-DYNA.

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