Sea areas around the Japanese Islands which is feasible for tidal current generation are not a lot because sea sites where tidal current velocity is above 2.0 m/s are a few. We can find such sea sites at a west side of the Kyushu Island especially. However, we would earn electrical energy to be generated if it is able to generate electricity long time using around 1.0 m/s in current velocity. A vertical axis turbine should be better than horizontal axis types because VATs can take relatively higher torque. It is very useful that we can set and control a marine turbine to be higher performance in various current velocity. The present study introduce variable pitch-control system to a vertical axis turbine for tidal current generation. The pitch-control system adapts a cycloidal mechanism so that to vary pitch angle of turbine blades is conducted mechanically. The study developed a vertical axis marine turbine with cycloidal pitch-controlled three blades which was based on previous studies and experimental data. The diameter of the turbine is 1.0 m, length of a blade is 1.3 m. The turbine was set on a floating structure in order to carry out towing tests at a sea. We obtained several kinds of data from the towing tests, which were turbine torque, the number of rotation of the turbine, output power from an electrical generator and acceleration of the floating structure. As a result, the turbine made 50 W power from the generator. Although the PTO was not so large, the pitch-control was effective very much. Some issues were found at the same time. We need to consider and develop more useful gears, assemble methods to be feasible of variable pitch system.

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