The ship’s pedestal is the connection structure between the ship’s equipment and the hull, and is also the basis for the installation of the equipment. The pedestal bears both the static load generated by the weight of the equipment and the dynamic load generated during the operation of the equipment, and at the same time transmits the external load received by the hull to the equipment, and the load it bears is very complicated. If there is a problem with the pedestal in an impact environment, the accuracy of the system equipment will be affected, the system equipment will not work properly. Negative Poisson’s ration structures have a unique set of properties because of their tensile expansion, such as increased shear modulus, enhanced fracture toughness, better energy absorption and co-curvature. In recent years, the negative Poisson’s ration honeycomb structure has been applied to the pedestal of marine equipment, which demonstrates good vibration damping effect. However, the pedestal has two functions: vibration damping and impact resistance, there is not much research on the impact resistance of the pedestal. In this paper, an “arrow-shaped” honeycomb pedestal is taken as the research object. Firstly, the analytical expression of the Poisson’s ration of the honeycomb pedestal is derived theoretically and the influence of each parameter on the Poisson’s ration is analyzed. Secondly, the effect of Poisson’s ration on the impact resistance of the pedestal was analyzed by ensuring that the pedestal height was constant. It was found that with the reduction of Poisson’s ration, the impact resistance of the pedestal and the output impact environment of the pedestal panel were effectively optimized. Finally, by ensuring that the height of the pedestal is constant and the Poisson’s ration is the same, the influence of the number of honeycomb layers on the impact resistance of the pedestal is analyzed.

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