The tubular members damaged by ship impact or falling objects require repair and rehabilitation in offshore structures. The repair of damaged underwater tubular member using welding is hazardous and expensive and hence alternative connection methods such as grouted clamp techniques have been in use for many decades. The existing guideline on the design of grouted connections especially under axial tension and moment is very limited and requires further study. The load transfer mechanism of grouted clamps depends on various geometric parameters and bond between clamp and parent member. A comprehensive study on split sleeve grouted connection for load transfer between two parts of tubular members has been investigated and presented.

Numerical simulation of split sleeve grouted connection has been carried out using finite element model of tubular member – sleeve through bond strength of grout. The numerical model has been validated using existing guidelines and further parametric study has been carried out. The parametric study includes geometric parameters such as diameter to wall thickness ratio of split sleeve, sleeve friction length, grout strength and grout shrinkage. The simulations have been carried out for combination of axial tension and moment loading.

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