The external turret moored Floating Production Storage and Offloading system (FPSO) is one of the preferred solutions for deepwater fields in mild to moderate environments and far away from existing pipeline infrastructures. This paper presents a design of steel lazy wave riser (SLWR) system for an external turret moored FPSO in the water depth of 1,500 meter. The design challenges and feasibility are discussed. Due to the complexity of SLWR geometry, a systematic configuration approach is introduced to achieve the desired riser extreme and fatigue performance target, as well as external turret layout. The study includes the standardized FPSO, the selection of turret configuration, and riser design. The titanium taper stress joints and the interaction with turret structure are also studied. The study provides an optimal solution of the integrated turret, mooring and riser system. It concludes that external turret FPSO with SLWRs can be a feasible and cost effective solution for field development in mild to moderate environments.

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