The response of ship equipment under non-contact underwater explosion shock loading was one of the main loadings of equipment. In order to cut down mechanical noise caused by mechanical equipment, vibration isolation measures, such as floating raft, vibration isolation, were widely used on noise mechanical equipments in acoustical stealth of ship, vibration isolation can reduce the vibration transfer to install base effectively, while the anti-shock resistance of vibration isolation and the equipment was important synchronously, as for the response of the equipment on vibration isolation, especially the actual response of the vibration isolation with piping system under shock loading. In this paper, the research on the response of vibration isolation, equipment, flexible piping and piping under underwater explosion shock loading were considered together, and the response of vibration isolation under shock load was analyzed with different piping arrangement. Found that the piping system has a significant impact on the response of the equipment under horizontal impact, but almost all equipments were assessed in experiment without considering the piping system. With the precondition of the effect of vibration isolation, a more rigid flexible pipe can be taken was benefit to the anti-shock resistance of vibration isolation.

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