There has a great challenge for deep-sea exploration and search because the underwater motion trajectories and sinking location of wrecked targets are uncertain under the influence of random factors such as currents. The traditional underwater motion model can’t know exactly the probability distribution of wrecked targets. This thesis introduces Monte-Carlo random function into the underwater non-dynamic motion equations and the targets sinking location probability model based on Monte-Carlo method is established as well. The purpose is to get the targets’ sinking probability distribution and to improve the successful probability of searching the wrecked targets. In this thesis, the motion reference frame is introduced firstly, and the motion model of underwater non-dynamic subsidence based on the motion reference frame is established then. The Monte-Carlo method of stochastic simulation is discussed at the same time. After that the drop point of the sandbag is taken as an example to verify the reliability of the model. Finally, the probability of targets dispersion underwater is simulated and analyzed, and the conclusion is drawn that the whole points are normally distributed.

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