This paper investigates the fundamental question of nonlinear wave-ice interaction under level ice focusing on nonlinear wave propagation and dispersion of waves. Therefore, numerical investigations are performed to verify theoretically if nonlinearity takes place under level ice and if this can lead to intense wave events far away from the ice edge in order to provide an explanation for observed real-world ice break-ups. Therefore, nonlinear wave-ice interaction as well as the impact of the ice characteristics on this interaction will be investigated.

The direct numerical simulations of the nonlinear wave propagation under solid ice are performed within the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation (NLSE) framework. The Peregrine breather solution is applied to represent exact solutions of the NLSE for a nonlinear wave group. The application of such a nonlinear wave group is predestined for the verification of occurring nonlinear wave-wave interaction below the ice sheet. For the definition of wave and ice parameters in the simulation setup, the results of the presented parameter study are used. The parameters are analyzed regarding relevant characteristics of nonlinear wave-ice interaction and wave propagation. By assuming constraints with respect to physical consistency, the parameter range for the NLSE simulations can be narrowed.

The scope of this investigation is to provide a better understanding of the ice conditions required to observe nonlinear wave effects under level ice.

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