In this paper, a new multiphase MPS-GPU method is proposed through the combination of moving particle semi-implicit (MPS) method and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration technique. The new method not only inherits the advantage of MPS method in capturing complex interface deformations, but also overcomes the limitations of huge computational cost in three-dimensional MPS simulation. By this method, both the two-layer-liquid and three-layer-liquids sloshing problems are simulated three-dimensionally on the GPU device, in which more than one million of particles are included. In simulations, the sloshing patterns of each liquid layer under different external excitations are accurately captured. From the interface elevations and impacting pressures calculated by present method, it is found that an obvious discrepancy exists between the deformations of free surface and phase interfaces. Then, the results obtained by multiphase MPS-GPU method are compared with experimental data and other numerical results in open literature and a good agreement is achieved, which validates the accuracy and applicability of the present method in three-dimensional simulations of multi-layer-liquid sloshing flows.

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