This paper simulates the viscous flow about a ship advancing in calm water of different water depths using Reynolds-Averaged Naiver-Stokes (RANS) method. A Wigley hull is taken as the study object, and the hull is free in sinkage and trim in the simulations. The fluid domain is discretized into hexahedral structured grids. The overset grid method and the deforming grid method are applied in different cases to capture the ship’s sinkage and trim motion. The grid independence analysis and validation of numerical method are carried out under deep water condition. Then, systematic simulations are carried out under shallow water condition at different ship speeds. The resistance performance and the wave pattern characteristics are compared with deep water condition to demonstrate the shallow water effect. Furthermore, resistance coefficient results under water depth-to-draft ratios of 2.0 and 1.5 are presented and compared. All simulations show great consistency with the theoretical and other potential theory based numerical results.

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