This paper presents the design and performance assessment of 220kV dynamic export cables for a floating substation characterized by a ring-shaped floater known as Damping Pool.

The main originality of the design presented is that the cables considered have dry conductors. They are shielded from the water by a longitudinally welded corrugated copper sheath. Similar cables have been operating at lower voltage levels and thus with thinner insulation thicknesses.

The export cable configuration has been designed considering environmental conditions representative of both the Central North Sea, Pacific Coast of Japan or the US, in 100m water depth. Ultimate and fatigue limit-state design verification of the configuration are made through nonlinear time-domain analysis using coupled models comprising the floating substation hull, the mooring system and dynamic export cables. Fatigue limit-state design verification is based on the fatigue properties of the cable section, combined with appropriate S-N curves of the armour layers and metallic screen-sheath.

Design verifications show that the dynamic export cable configuration proposed could satisfactorily meet the performance requirements for a service life over 25 years, considering proven cable equipment such as a bend stiffener remaining within today’s manufacturer molding capacities.

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