This paper presents verification of a deep water FPSO with a semi-taut mooring system using model tests and numerical modelling commonly referred to as the hybrid method. The vessel under investigation is a FPSO of 310m in length and 47m in beam with an internal turret mooring system of 12 lines in 2000m water depth. Two configurations of the mooring systems i.e. inline and bisecting are investigated for sea-states up to 1000yr return period. A full depth mooring system has been developed for the FPSO and model tests will be carried out to verify the model. Due to limitations to the size of the model basins, the model tests will be carried out for a truncated mooring setup. Non-linear horizontal stiffness of a single mooring line and the complete mooring system with truncation is compared to that of the existing full depth mooring system. Discrepancies in the vertical forces due to truncation of line length will be discussed in the paper. A numerical model of the truncated set-up will be calibrated using model test results.

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