Umbilical is an indispensable link of offshore oil & gas resource development equipment for underwater production system, which are mainly composed of functional components such as steel tubes, electric cables and optical cables are in a helically wound structure. Filling bodies are required to support these functional components for improving anti-crushing capacity and fatigue life. Filling bodies have a significant impact on the mechanical and physical properties, which triggers the optimization design of filling bodies. However, the complexity of filling body space brings challenge to the optimization design. Moving Morphable Components (MMC) theory is introduced to topological optimization method in complicated filling body space with the objective of mechanical properties. The results show that the optimized filling bodies can effectively reduce structural weight with the same mechanical properties. Numerical models of cross-sections of umbilicals with the optimized filling bodies are constructed, the cross-sectional mechanical properties are compared with that under the initial filling body form, which can fully verify the feasibility and correctness of this optimization design strategy.

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