A model for single-phase fluid flow in tight UCRs was previously produced by modifying the flow Forchheimer’s equation. The new modification addresses the fluid transport phenomena into three scales incorporating a diffusion term. In this study, a new liner model, numerically solved, has been developed and deployed for a gas huff and puff project. The new model has been numerically validated and verified using synthetic data and huff and puff case study. Ideally, the new model suits fluid flow in tight UCRs. The modified Forchheimer’s model presented is solved using the MATLAB numerical method for linear multiphase flow. For the huff & puff case, very simple profiles and flow dynamics of the main flow parameters have been established and a thorough parametric analysis and verifications were performed. It has been observed that the diffusion system becomes more prominent in regulating flow velocity with low permeability of the formation rock and low viscosity of the flowing fluid. The findings indicate a behavioral alignment with a previous hypothesis that matches actual reservoir behavior.

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