Bolted joints are widely used for pressure vessels and piping system. Many studies on strength and stiffness of bolted joint are carried out. However, few studies on the dynamic characteristics of structure with bolted joint are carried out. The dynamic characteristics are important for design of structure subjected to earthquake excitations. In this paper, the effect of bolted joints on dynamic characteristics of structure is examined. First, the damping ratio and the natural frequency of specimens with some types of bolted joints are measured. Those are obtained for some factors, amplitude of excitation, applied torque. Obtained results are compared with those for the specimen without bolted joint. It is found that the damping ratio increases and the natural frequency becomes lower. Next, modeling of the bolted joint is presented. The bolted joint is modeled using additional mass, stiffness and damping elements. Finally, using model of bolted joint, response of the structure with bolted joint subjected to earthquake excitation is examined. Earthquake excitation is modeled as stationary random excitation. Mean square values of the response are obtained. Standard deviation of the acceleration response of the structure with bolted joint are lower than those without bolted joint.

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