Erosion results from interactions between the pipe surface and fluids traveling along the surface. Fluid-structure interactions have a profound influence on the erosion that takes place. The location, rate and extent of thinning or loss of a protective surface film depend strongly on the nature of the flow regime and interactions. Erosion-corrosion involves the modification, thinning and removal of protective films composed of corrosion product or scale deposits from a susceptible metal surface by fluid shear stress under high turbulence conditions. In the paper, multi-scale simulation of fluid-structure interactions between the flow and the protective films on the pipe surface is presented. The fluid shear stress and pressure of the flow in a pipe with a step is obtained by macro-fluid dynamic analysis. Viscous forces and the system’s pressure impose forces to the surface of the pipe. Using micro-simulation method, the fluid-structure interactions between the flow and the protective films is modeled. The deformation of the protective films is shown and changed with the different velocity and flow regime. Using the multi-scale simulation of fluid-structure interactions, the location, rate and extent of the erosion on the pipe surface can be predicted. The results are proved by the actual instances.

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