The demands for service management and periodic inspection in the “Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Transportable Pressure Vessel” (SRSTTPV) of China were presented as well as their background. Chapters of service management and periodic inspection were presented in detail. The items and processes of periodic inspection in China were presented briefly. The results of periodic inspection of Shanghai in recent 7 years were analyzed. The points which should be considered especially were summarized. Before the World Expo 2010 Shanghai China, a safety inspection was carried out to find out the safe management actuality of road tankers in Shanghai. It can be seen that there were little problem in road tankers themselves. Due to lack of standards and technical regulations, the problems mainly exist in service management. The hidden safety troubles were mainly caused by poor management. According to the statistic data of periodic inspection and safety inspection results, some advices for constitution of standard and technical regulation under the SRSTTPV on daily maintenance, filling and discharging, safety accessories, and rubber lined hose etc. were brought forward.

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