Coal gasification is a key technology for clean coal conversion with high efficiency. During the past decade, more than twenty Shell Key Gasification Equipments (SKGE) used in the Shell Coal Gasification Process (SCGP) have been built in coal-to-chemicals industry in China. SKGE comprise the Gasifier and Syngas cooler connected by Transfer duct. The support skirt of the Gasifier base was fixed, while the Syngas cooler side was supported by a constant hanger (floating support). Therefore the design by rule is not applicable to the strength calculation of pressure vessels of the system. In this paper, a FE model of global analysis of the largest SKGE system in China to date was established which considered thirteen loads and twenty-four load combinations. In this model, FEA software ANSYS was used to calculate the global dynamic effect of this 2000-ton system. The whole structural deformation and stress distribution, force and moment on several specified cross sections of SKGE under different load combinations are also determined within this model, which is the prerequisite and foundation for accurate calculation of each key part (e.g. connection between Transfer duct and Gas reversal chamber), and essential safety of SKGE system.

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