Responding to non-conductive, non-magnetic material characteristics of polyethylene (PE) pipe, this paper comes up with the ground penetrating radar (GPR) detection for urban PE gas pipeline visualization research in order to solve the problems of positioning difficulty, and to avoid potential safety hazards caused by undefined positioning of PE pipeline, so that it can provide some experience to the application of position detection technology to locate buried polyethylene pipeline. Responding to the special material properties and welding form and based on the analysis of traditional ultrasonic testing for polyethylene butt-fusion joint, this paper comes up with an ultrasonic phased array dynamic focusing and S scanning imaging technology, to make a testing experiment on polyethylene butt-fusion joint. Results of the phased array ultrasonic testing of cracks in polyethylene butt-fusion joints shows that the testing method is feasible, and verifies the buried polyethylene butt-fusion joints engineering. This research would provide experience to the application of ultrasonic phased array technology in buried polyethylene pipeline inspection.

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