In this paper, simulations using various cyclic hardening models are performed to determine the effect of the hardening model that is used in a finite element analysis. Bi-linear, Armstrong-Frederick kinematic hardening model and Chaboche (third order non-linear) combined hardening model are used in finite element (FE) analysis to simulate material behavior under cyclic loading condition. Hardening parameters included in bilinear and non-linear hardening models are determined from monotonic stress-strain curve obtained from monotonic tensile test and parameters in Chaboche hardening model are determined from hysteresis loop obtained from cyclic tensile test. Simulation of notched C(T) test under cyclic loading is performed using three hardening models. Plastic strain, stress and plastic strain energy at notch tip of specimen are extracted from FE analysis results. Using energy based fatigue analysis, cycle to failure, the cycle at which crack initiation occurs at notch tip, are predicted and compared with experimental results. Through the comparisons, the effect of hardening model on the simulation result under cyclic load is confirmed.

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