Unstable flow patterns around arrangements of bluff bodies in different engineering applications can give rise to pressure oscillations, leading to excitation of strong acoustic resonance that can interrupt operation. In certain conditions, flow fluctuations arising from vortex shedding downstream of a circular cylinder are reported to excite severe acoustic resonance. On the other hand, cylinders of a square cross section are known to be particularly susceptible to mechanisms that involve coupling between the flow and a structural mode. It is not documented, however, if such coupling would occur between an acoustic mode and flow fluctuations downstream of a square cylinder. In this work, the possibility of excitation of acoustic resonance due to coupling between unsteady flow downstream of a single square cylinder with an acoustic cross mode of a rectangular duct is experimentally investigated. During the experiments, acoustic resonance was self-excited. Measurements of the acoustic pressure and the flow velocity are carried out for a single square cylinder of an edge length of 25.4 mm. Results show that aeroacoustic response characteristics for this configuration are not completely analogous to the case of a circular cylinder, with a number of features not reported before. A brief summary of the results is presented in this work.

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