The meniscus is a fibrocartilaginous tissue vital to the normal functioning of the knee [1]. The dense collagenous structure is sparsely colonized by meniscal fibrochondrocytes (MFCs) which maintain and remodel the extracellular matrix (ECM) [2,3]. While the meniscus functions well with a lifetime of use, traumatic or degenerative injuries to the avascular, inner region of the meniscus fail to heal. Disruption of the fibrous architecture impairs load transmission and initiates erosion of the adjacent articular surfaces, or osteoarthritis (OA). Damage to the meniscus is typically treated by resection of the torn tissue via arthroscopic partial meniscectomy, which alleviates symptoms but similarly predisposes patients to OA [4]. Tissue removed in this procedure is deemed surgical waste and is subsequently discarded.

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